Long Time, No Write


Wow. It’s been about a year since I’ve posted in this blog. A lot has happened since then. I did end up working for my friend’s company into December. Because there was only so much investment money left for operating costs, I went part time last spring and picked up other part time management consulting work with 2 different seasonal decor companies, and the odd day-play on a commercial.

In December, our main investor pulled out, so although I retain a title with the company, for now, with bills to pay, I’m on the hunt once again. I’ve been able to secure some more part time management consulting work for yet another decor company and the odd production set dec/set dress production work, but my efforts were hampered severely at the end of January when my husband suffered a brain hemorrhage due to a congenital condition that bled, called an AVM (ateriovenous malformation). I remember thinking, as he lay in his bed in the NCCU- “geez, up to now, I thought not having a steady job was my worst problem”. Having such a possibly life changing scare really put things in perspective. Plus the fact the job loss this time was not done in such a way- well in such a soul crushing, self esteem damaging way as happened in 2009.

Anyway, he’s on the mend, for now. The treatment for this condition could be rather long and involved and one of the options is a craniotomy, which poses it’s own set of risks (or gamma knife/radiation surgery, which although not as invasive, requires multiple procedures to see effect.). He has aphapia, which is difficulty with langauge, and through diligent work by him and work with his speech langauge pathologist, and through the natural healing ability of the brain itself, it improves with each passing week. (knock wood). He can drive now and will return to work part time starting next week.

So- at this point the job search for me is back in a higher gear. Tomorrow, myself and some of my fellow film production colleagues go to Annapolis, the state capitol, in support of a Film Production Activity bill, that, if passed, could bring more film work back to Maryland from places like Louisiana, Georgia, New Mexico and Michigan.

Between my husband’s health crisis, and what has just happened in Japan (the earthquake, tsunami, and then radiation from damaged nuclear plants), well, the not having a steady job thing- it’s worrying, of course, but somehow it’s not really “all consuming” any more. Bigger things have put it all into perspective.

Plus, I should be thankful and hopeful, as well, I guess. I’ve gone on a promising interview with an exhibition-event company (that is looking to grow this summer), and my part time consulting work continues. Oh- and HBO is supposed to be bringing a movie to Baltimore (I couldn’t work on the pilot they just shot here because I was having to do a lot more care giving for my husband at the time), that I hope I can at least get some day-player work on.

So it is with an optimistic outlook that I close this entry. Remember what’s important in life- jobs come and go, but your loved ones- they’re worth cherishing.


One Response to “Long Time, No Write”

  1. 1 Amie

    Hi, Beth, Great blog. I’m so sorry about Paul’s illness, and I apologize for not reaching out to you. Too caught up in my own daily struggles to pull my head out of my arse and connect with anyone lately. I am impressed with your postive outlook. I am sure it is hard to stay in that place, and I applaud you for doing so. Keep plugging away; I have faith in you and your talents, and I know that you will land something more steady. Amie

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